Marie Kubáňková, Ph.D.

Marie Kubankova, Ph.D.

Marie Kubankova, Ph.D. has dedicated the past 12 years to supporting the implementation of innovation in the areas of agriculture, bioenergy and food processing, working together with both academia and industry, in both public and private sectors. She has developed several coordination and support projects focused on technology transfer, innovation and communication of agriculture (e.g., She has also developed several research projects for SMEs and research organisations focused on bioeconomy, f.e. projects focused on biogas enrichment, composting technologies, new breeding techniques, management of technology transfer in SME or case studies of new bioeconomy business models to name but a few. In 2019 Dr Kubáňková initiated BIOEAST HUB CZ she is the Leader of the BIOEAST Thematic Working Groups Education Education and Co-Leader of BIOEAST Fresh Water Based Bioeconomy Thematic Working Group