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Shaping bioeconomy, shaping the future. Be part of the International Student’s Congress on Bioeconomy and Communication.

Are you a university student currently enrolled in a social or natural sciences program that covers bioeconomy-related fields (food systems, forestry, climate change,...)?

Aktuálně vyhlášené výzvy DG RTD pod záštitou výboru SCAR/EK

1. Výběrové řízení na platformu pro realizaci misí HE:

Bioeconomy Creative Competition: Show us the bioeconomy in your life!


Applications and inputs can be sent in any official EU language or Ukrainian.

€120 million available for advancing Europe’s circular bioeconomy

Today CBE JU published its first call for project proposals.

Call for contributors to support implementation of Regenerative Agriculture Revolution in CEE region during the period 2022-2024

EIT Food is looking for organisations in CEE region that would support implementation of Regenerative Agriculture Revolution project during the period 2022-2024.

BISC-E Challenge 2022 invites you to participate!

We are very happy to announce that the applications for the Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) have started. At this stage, each country that wants to participate should appoint an institution (national coordinator) to manage the national student applications.

It is very important to encourage small teams of students from all over Europe to express their innovative ideas on the circular Bioeconomy. In this regard, as it is already well known, the Biobased Industries Consortium has adopted the BISC-E Challenge with the goal to host at least 20 EU and EAA countries in the 2022 competition. Therefore, your country is officially invited to join.

Challenge steps: National and European Finals

Each country is to participate with a selected national student team. Ideally, each country should have a national competition among BSc- and MSc-student teams from various universities of applied sciences. The national winner will then represent your country in the European Final this Autumn. 

In case you are unable to run a national competition, we propose a transitional solution i.e., the country could appoint a national student team to participate in the European Final. 

Participation is open to teams from all universities of applied sciences in your country and thus not limited to those that are BIC members. The Regulations for participation can be found at BISC-E.

Winner Prizes 

The European Final among all national winners is coordinated by BIC who also covers the eligible costs, including money prizes for the winner: first, second and third prizes. You can see the full First Prize package here.


Bioeconomy Youth Ambassadors competition

Young Europeans (18-35 years old) residing in the EU who have experience or an interest in the bioeconomy/bioeconomy-related fields (food systems, forestry, climate change, blue economy, …) are encouraged to apply!